Private Practice Section from the American Physical Therapy Association Mail List Updated

The Private Practice Section (PPS) of the American Physical Therapy Association mailing list has updated. The file supplied directly from the list owner is carefully converted at a professional mailing list service bureau. This list identifies those physical therapists who are generally business owners and managers of a physical therapy office.  These people are buying decision-makers for everything from office space, insurance, health care, training and development – courses, webinars, training sessions and, of course, association memberships.


Selections on this mail list are gender and geography. It is possible to select based on state, or what is known as SCF – Sectional Center Facility, or the metropolitan area.  This permits you to pinpoint your offer. Counts and additional information are available from , telephone 301 986.1455 or fax, 301 907.4870.

This postal mailing list is managed by the association mail  list management experts, Bethesda List Center.  The Bethesda List Center (BLC) was established in 1992 and has represented associations, publishers, b2b companies and others for mailing list management. BLC also has an experienced team of mailing list brokers. These brokers can help marketing professionals select the best possible names for their offer – either postal or Email.

It is possible to order the list directly from the list manager, BLC, or with a mailing list broker. Either way, the price is the same to the list renter.  Some list renters, especially those renting more than five lists, decide that the details of mailing list or Email list rental are too complex and require the services of an expert whose fees is paid by the seller.

Bethesda List is headquartered in the Washington, DC suburbs in Bethesda, Maryland.






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