Looking for a List Manager? Bethesda List Center is your answer.

With Spring knocking at the door, it is a good time to review your list sales, practices and asking yourself, “Am I getting everything I should from my list management company or why do I need a list management company?”  Bethesda List Center is an extremely unique company with your best interests at heart each and every day.  The company is run by two of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry today and the rest of the staff has tons of experience handeling all aspects of list management.  Their decades of experience and commitment will turn your slumping sales, daily list hassle and time consuming into successful gains.

Shopping for a list and managing your list.
You are your own best list source. Comb your list of customers, trade show leads, other prospects, inquirers and former buyers as the backbone for your own comprehensive direct marketing list. Always include opt-in email addresses. Many Bethesda List Center customers have also asked us to market their organizations’ mailing lists. If you already have an up to date list of 10,000 or more names, we can advise you how to go about marketing your files for additional income. Your selling message should address the needs and interests of your audience. A good list professional will be specific, too. With the details you give them, they will recommend lists that give you an outlook to your best customer prospects.

Mailing list managers such as Bethesda List Center (BLC) can help individuals or organizations rent their lists. For some organizations, such as specialized niche publications or charitable groups, their lists may be some of their most valuable assets, and mailing list managers help them maximize the value of their lists. They can also help with coding, analysis, and complex issues of usage that may be confusing to new users. This is especially true of organizations that are in the process of converting from bulk mail to electronic mail.

Bethesda List Center represents many List Owner Links to the direct marketing industry.
We increase List Owner Links’ rental income while relieving them of the burdens of:

Marketing and Selling
Bethesda List Center‘s intensive promotion and constant direct selling means increased list revenue for owners. Our active relationships with nearly all recognized list brokers and many large mailers give BLC List Owner Links far greater market exposure than they could generate from their own efforts.

Order Fulfillment
Bethesda List Center shoulders all of the time-consuming tasks of order fulfillment. We produce, ship and track list orders faster than anyone else in the industry.

Customer Service
Bethesda List Center responds quickly and effectively to mailer needs. That is our business.

Billing and Collecting
Bethesda List Center manages the detailed tasks of invoicing, bookkeeping, and collecting for every list order. Our owners receive activity reports and rental revenue, monthly.

Would you like to learn more about some of the organizations whose lists we manage?
Links to their sites are available on our List Owner page.


Bethesda List Center, is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The company is 19 years old and specializes in business-to-business marketing campaigns with direct mail, Email, CPA / CPL – click per action / click per lead, web marketing, SEO and website landing pages.

Bethesda List Center has a sister company, Bethesda Emedia Marketing.   Bethesda Emedia Marketing is a Full Service Email Transmission Service. “From your text and graphics, Bethesda Emedia does the rest!”

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