US, European Safe Harbor Amendments Seem Close

US, European Safe Harbor Amendments Seem Close

The European Safe Harbor Agreement – permits data exchange between companies in the US who agree to abide by European data laws and European organizations.  That means treating the information with a different level of security due to stricter European laws..

European Data

Recently, the basis of the of this Agreement was challenged in an Irish court. The claim, Facebook did not play by European data rules.

Well, finally, with a lawyer’s backing, the plaintiff proceeded with legal action against Facebook in Ireland, it’s European nexus. The news of the fast reaction to the court ruling comes from Silicon Beat .  The end result has been a series of rulings that almost brought even the most standard data exchange  – who is on a specific airline flight and passport data – to a feared standstill.  Havoc was seen by all sides.

The US government and laws make all sorts of claims to privacy but sites like Facebook have been lambasted by the press and many privacy advocates for their cavalier attitude and actions to do whatever they pretty much wanted with your data. So, it remains open as to how much companies like Facebook or Google will have to keep European data in Europe for processing and storage. There may be new data centers built in Europe to satisfy these regulations.

Bethesda List Center

Added to all this excitement,  even mailing list owners and list brokers who work worldwide like Bethesda List Center had to be aware of the provisions of the Safe Harbor Agreement. Information sent from Europe has to be handled differently. Sometimes, special documents are necessary to get this information.

Let’s be glad this exchange of information appears about to be renewed. What Are Safe Harbor Rules? Look to the folks at Bethesda List Center who are located near Bethesda Navy Medical Center, to stay informed about the European data laws, including the European Safe Harbor guidelines.

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