Doctors and their Specialty Mail List Updated

Doctors and their Specialty mail list has updated.  This list identifies physicians by their area of medical specialization. Over 140 various medical specialties are detailed on this postal list.  Another selection available is Geography. Within geography choose by State, SCF (the first 3 zip code digits used to define cities especially), or Zip Code.  An additional feature is the ability is to select by radius. Or, X number of miles from a location.


Full details, counts and prices are available from Bethesda List Center, Inc.


Bethesda List Center is a recognized expert in medical mail lists with over 50 different pre-counted lists available for fast delivery.  Not only is physician information available, but nurses, technical staff, hospital administrators, nursing home executives and managers, assisted living facility managers and staff, social workers, occupational and physical therapy specialists are also available as mailing lists or telephone lists.

Sources for these medical lists include association memberships, medical meeting attendance, medical certification registrants and prospects, Federal, State and Local registrations and other sources. Each mail list source is different and is shown on the individual data card.  With associations. meetings and certifications, Bethesda List is the official source for these names.  Bethesda List works as the agent for the association or certifying organization. Many  of of Bethesda List’s associations have been clients for well over 10 years.

However you need to reach the medical and life science community, with postal mail of qualified prospects for your campaign, or Email lists Bethesda List Center is the source for many marketing campaigns.

About Bethesda List Center:


Bethesda List Center, Inc., is a mailing list manager and mailing list broker based in Bethesda, Maryland.  The company manages mailing lists for associations, medical certification organizations, publishers and others. List owners rely upon Bethesda List to help them to provide a smooth ordering process for clients. With well defined processes, BLC provides expert representation to buyers and inquirers.  Many of the list owners who work with Bethesda List have been with the company for over 10 years. That is client satisfaction.

Mailing list owners are encouraged to contact Bethesda List to learn more details about the BLC list management advantage. Mailing lists can be either postal mail lists (sometimes called snail mail), Email lists or both. Let Bethesda List provide details to improve your list rental sales.






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