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Canada has had a big change in how marketing is permitted to be done. What marketing is legally permitted has suddenly become much more regulated. The most recent changes have occurred with Email lists but Postal lists have restrictions as well. It has been said that Canada has been following what is widely regarded as the German model of public data management.


The biggest change has come in an area that has become more common, Email. “Don’t Email Canada” is the short answer unless you have met the Canadian Government Rules and Regulations.  Some third party lists like many magazine and professional trade publications generally are OK. Of course, you need to check that all important permission has been obtained and is properly stored.


Most third party Email is illegal.  As an Email sender, you must have specific permission to SEND to the client.  Even then, clients can decide they only want very specific Emails such as Order Confirmation and Shipping Status type mailings.


The effects of this new law are just starting to be felt. Fines are starting to be levied and the direct marketing trade press is carefully following each pronouncement.  So far, the fines are big but the organizations cited are very small,  generally unknown Emailers. This means your offer might be in the sights of the Canadian Government. Being a small company has not stopped the Canadian regulators from going after companies who do not adhere to their standards and practices.


The Big News: The trade press recently reported that Canada is now working to ensure that US mailers will be subject to their regulations when sending promotions to Canadian prospects. The thought is that a decision would be rendered north of the border and the US Courts would be used to enforce the rulings. This will take awhile, but don’t be foolish and assume that being out of Canada will protect you.


How do you market to Canada?


Previously, Canadian Government laws narrowed the permitted sources of data to be gatheried even for postal mailings.  Getting your offer into the hands of your best prospects has become a much bigger task than it used to be. Many mailers are in a quandary.


There is a solution.


Business Executives and Professionals in Canada is the postal list you need.  The information gathered meets the very strict Canadian regulations about mailing lists.


This list has the largest collection of businesses executives and professionals, all legally correct for mailing.  You can select and mail from this file with assurance that it is Canada compliant.


The mailing and telephone list has over 735,000 names from which to select.  Selections include:

  • Job Title/Job Function
  • Sales Volume
  • Employee Size
  • Telephone Number
  • Geography

This mailing list has been a solid source for Canadian, US, UK and other marketing offers.   The list of offers made is wide:

  • computers
  • real estate
  • seminars and training, webinars
  • insurance
  • office furniture
  • office supplies
  • books and publications
  • internet design services
  • computer programming and the like

Counts are fast and easy.  Just send an Email to or call 301 986.1455 for full details.


About Bethesda List Center, the List Manager:

Bethesda List Center, Inc has long been recognized as a source of US, Canadian and worldwide business mailing lists. The company was established in 1992 and is based in the Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda List professionals work as mailing list managers and mailing list brokers for associations, publishers, business offers and other promotions.



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