Apr 08 2016

US First Class Postage Price Drop

Hard to believe, but the United States Postal Service is CUTTING the cost of a first-class stamp. This applies to all first class – letters, post cards and international mail. The USPS had no choice. They are not happy.


This price cutting decision¬†involves an obscure agency that approves postage rates. A provision for an “emergency” rate hike to 49 cents actually had a sunset provision. Sunday, April 10, 2016, the price drops to 47 cents for a first-class letter. So maybe sending a card or letter is now possible?

Here is a complete breakdown of First Class Postage Rates compliments of Pitney-Bowes, as reprinted in Target Marketing’s eNewsletter today.

USPS rates change on Sunday

These USPS rates will last until the next rate hike. ¬†Of course, your “Forever” stamps now have a value that is 2 cents less. At the moment that is.

Ah, progress.



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