Business Marketing on Mobile: The Latest on Mobile Marketing and Advertising

We are pleased to have a guest blogger today, Maria Benson.

Business Marketing on Mobile: The Latest on Mobile Marketing and Advertising

The New Trend For Consumers On The Go
Despite the fact that many businesses have structured their marketing for Internet and mass media advertising, mobile marketing is becoming gradually more popular. The fact is that increasing number of consumers are using their mobiles or smart phones as their number one source for online access. In other words, consumers are using their smart phones to make purchases, interact on social media and check their emails and more. Businesses need to begin integrating mobile advertising methods, from ppi claims companies to FMCG companies to technology companies. Moreover, if businesses begin realising the full potential of mobile marketing, they will reach a larger audience. Further, this is one of the key distinctions between mobile marketing and other advertising strategies. Essentially, mobile marketing has the ability to be seen by more users, due to new strategies of viewing particular ads. This is changing the name of the game of online marketing.

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing
The benefits of mobile marketing are overwhelming positive. For instance, you can target new mobile users through email and social media marketing in this platform. Further, mobile marketing is simpler than television ads or Email marketing. Additionally, you can develop sharper and less drastic forms of advertising. In a sense, mobile marketing moves away from flash and other html techniques, which are quite common with other marketing campaigns.

A Few Trends in Mobile Marketing To Watch For in 2013

  • High speed mobile data will be cheaper and more accessible in the months to come. Essentially, this will give companies more access as well as accurate data of mobile users. This provides an opportunity for real-time marketing ventures for businesses.
  • Also, location based programs will advance to provide more accurate data to users in a specific location. This will also include users who turn off their location devices.
  • Another marketing trend will be Google Wallet. This is an app that will allow users to shop more freely. Further, this will allow businesses to narrow in on the possibilities of how to target these customers in the future.
  • Furthermore, NFC is starting to make waves in the new mobile marketing trend area. Moreover, NFC is a wireless communication data system that will attach the user’s smart card to cloud service that tracks data.
  • Also, expect to see Amazon launch a same day shipping option. This benefit mobile users because you can make a purchase at the shopping mall and have it arrive by the time you get home. This has just opened the door for consumers to make more purchases on their mobile devices.
  • Location based advertising:  This is a good way for advertising for companies who wants maximisation of amount spent on media buys. This gives opportunities for connecting to the right customers in the right time, with the integration of location based data in mobile apps and ads.

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