Mar 24 2008

Computer Software/Hardware Companies: Grow your client base

Bethesda List Center has just expanded and updated their ISP (Internet Service Providers) mailing list.

Internet Service Providers are greedy acquirers of hardware and software, constantly updating and trying to keep up with the state-of-the-art. With this new updated list you’ll be able to get your sales material directly into the hands of the people making decisions at over 13,000 ISP businesses spanning North America.

This is a great marketing tool that your hardware/software operation can use to rapidly grow your client base.


Within the list of +13,000 ISPs you can refine your mailing to target by company location, size, revenue, and many other factors.

It doesn’t get any more direct.

You can get all the information from the data card provided by Bethesda List Center by clicking here.

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